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If you’ve never owned a Himalayan salt lamp, the best way to describe the experience is like enjoying a warm light.

What is the Purpose of a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

HimalayanHomeopathy.com brings you the true joy of Salt Lamps.

This light glows and brings in a natural source of cleansed air – on your desk, in your living room, next to the bed, or anywhere you choose to put it.

Himalayan Salt Lamps: What They’re Made From

Himalayan salt lamps are made from pure, food grade, Himalayan salt crystals. However, if you’re curious, they can be powdered to use as salt in recipes!

Legit Himalayan Salt Lamp

Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp today and you won’t regret how good you feel with it in your life.

So, beautiful lamps and gaining in popularity but, what are the benefits attributed to them? What is their purpose? Where do I buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation With These Salt Lamps

Did you know? Appliances such as televisions, cell phones, computers and tablets release positive ions into the air constantly!

These and other common electronics can cause an overflow of electromagnetic radiation which, although invisible, is believed to cause some serious long-term effects.

Green Himalayan Salt Lamp

Constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation is known primarily to cause fatigue, increase stress and weaken the immune system.

Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions and cancel out positive ones. Therefore, by neutralizing electromagnetic-radiation, they help reduce artificial frequencies and even prevent static buildup.

If you haven’t bought an EM wave reducing device yet then we suggest you buy a Himalayan Lamp instead.

Salt Lamps And the Air: Cleanse, Deodorize, and Purify

Himalayan pink salt lamps help clean the air through an operation called Hygroscopy, which attracts and absorbs contaminated water molecules from the immediate environment and locks them into the salt crystal.

The process has the amazing ability to remove cigarette smoke, dust and other contaminants from the air. This benefit is particularly popular, as salty air acts as an overall health booster and can help clear the air passages.

Simply Get Better Sleep with Salt Lamps

Over-exposure to positive ions reduces the brain’s blood and oxygen supply, which can lead to irregular sleeping patterns.

The negative ions from a Himalayan salt lamp are said to reverse this effect, making them a popular sleep-aid.

Legit Himalayan Salt Lamp

Also, in direct relation to chromotherapy, the soothing light can help people who suffer from insomnia. Plants too can help.

Don’t Worry About Feeling Sluggish: They Raise Energy Levels

Positive ions deplete the body of energy, and it is believed that Himalayan salt lamps can actually do the opposite.

Salt Skill Himalayan Salt Lamp With Heated Massage Stones

The negative ions increase energy levels, which yields a refreshing effect similar to the feeling of rejuvenation achieved from spending time in nature.

Increase Circulation and Enjoy a Boosted Blood Flow

Particular studies have suggested that negative ions, such as those emitted by Himalayan salt lamps, can accelerate blood flow. This boost helps to improve several disorders of the vascular system and can prevent certain damage to the lungs.

Feeling Down? Himalayan Salt Lamps Enhance Mood

Many studies suggest that negative ions improve mood and energy levels by increasing serotonin in the brain. Therefore, Himalayan salt lamps can benefit people suffering from seasonal affective disorder and other forms of depression.

When it comes to buying Himalayan pink salt lamps, coverage is determined by the size of the crystal.

Smaller lamps are good for the average bedroom, while larger lamp are better for spaces like the living room or den. On average, 1 lb of Himalayan Pink Salt crystal will cleanse the air in approximately a 4′ x 4′ area.

Pure Himalayan Salt Works

Number One WBM Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp brighten your room with his natural crystal salt limp the warm amber lightfrom this lamp complements any space while also activating the salt crystalto purify the air the lamp sits on a round neem base and takes a 15 watt bulbeach hand-carved lamp has a slightly different shape and weight the lamp ismade from salt crystals from the Himalayan mountains unlit the crystalsrough hewn irregular surface looks pink when lit with the included 15 watt bulbit gives a warm amber glow you can even change the color of the bulb to give adifferent hue to the lighting area number two Hemmingway Himalayan salttealights if you don't want to break your budget but still want to try outHimalayan salt rocks try getting a tea light first this is basically a candleholder and you put a tea light into it when the Salt Rock is warmed theionizing effect happens and you get all the benefits you would similarly getfrom a regular malayan saw blimp this particular brand is the number onebestseller in Amazon for tea light candle holders with many satisfiedcustomers number three WBM saw blimp with Saulchunks and basket if you want a more elegant style for your Himalayan saltyou can check out Himalayan salt chunks and metal baskets or holders the holdersare usually elegantly ornate and the smaller chunks of MLA and salt look verypretty sitting in the metal baskets the effect is still the same and you get allthe benefits you would get from a regular himalayan salt lamp number foursmeg rail mini himalayan salt lamp nightlight it comes with a 360 degreeadjustable plug that goes right into the wall with no cords great as a nightlightfor a cozy room you like to spend quiet evenings for for a child's bedroom number five nobody wouldn't natural saltblend if you are not attracted to the raw beauty of the regular Himalayan saltlamps you can try out the salt sphere instead it looks like a glowing planetperfect for sci-fi buffs or as a gift for geeky kids.



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